If you require a patient and friendly instructor to teach you practical driving (and theory if required) at any level I can help you. I can do single or multiple lessons in any of the following categories:


Theory help:

-The Driving Standards Agency do not publish the actual theory test question bank for learners to work from, this makes gaining a theory pass, perhaps, even more difficult for some, though I can help if required.

-The information needed can easily be found in the books: the ‘Highway Code’, ‘Know Your Traffic Signs’ and the Driving Standards Agency books ‘Driving the Essential Skills’ and the 'Official DSA Guide to Learning to Drive', there is also lots of theory practice material available to download (some free) or purchase from the Internet or Apps stores.


Learning to drive at 17 years old or above:

-Learning to drive on the public highway, in preparation for the practical driving test

-Theory help given if required.


Motorway lessons:

-Two hour individual lesson to get motorway practice. 

-Learners are allowed to drive on a motorway only with a qualified Driving Instructor in a dual controlled car.

( The A3 is not a motorway so suitable for private multi lane road type private practice).


Refresher lessons for qualified drivers:

-If you are returning to driving after a long break or would like to regain confidence, 

-If you are beginning to find driving stressful,

-If you need to update your skills,

-If have had problems previously with any aspect of reversing, I can help.


Updating lesson:

-To help parents to teach their own learner: Parents are welcome to observe any lesson from inside the car.

-To help with preparation for a UK practical driving test if you are a foreign licence holder.

-To help prepare for a practical driving test retake if you have had your driving licence previously revoked. 



Sheila Jennings-Giles (Driving lessons Guildford) 07794782423



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